Saturday, August 21, 2010

Internet Speed

This is the test speed that I get when running speedtest online. 47 Mbit/s. If that is the speed, so, whose like to download movie, music etc this is the best speed..the downloding with take about 5 minute i guest..But, right now no ISP can offer speed like this..even TM can offer maximum speed at 20 M bit/s using it latest product Unifi HSBB.

I got this picture when the installer doing configuration and testing at one of VDSL equipment.

Not bad right....


  1. laju memang laju tapi coverage masih terlalu limited :( shah alam pun banyak tempat yg tak dapat coverage....

  2. kedah lagi la xda..tmbah orang cam i nie..tengah sawah..sedih..kne berhijrah lau nak cr coverage..hukhuk